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The art series featured in this area are available as traveling exhibitions to communities wishing to facilitate dialogue about dying, death and grief as a natural part of life.

Some suggested activities to complement these exhibitions include:
- special installations at hospice and palliative care conferences and related fields
- collaborative events with palliative care, hospice or grief groups
- panel discussions
- artist gallery talks
- poetry readings

We invite you to visit the artists' websites and to contact the artists directly for further information.

Bigger Than Each Other

Deidre Scherer's Series

of fabric and thread artworks focuses on the universal issues of age and mortality. By honoring the process of aging and dying, these figurative images lift the invisibility that surrounds this subject. This work starts a dialogue about death, and therefore about life, that is essential to our times.


Cathy Weber's Grief Series

combines calligraphy, gold leaf, illumination, narrative illustration, stitchery and the poetry of Gertrude Stein. Informed by personal loss, the artworks form a chronology of loss, grief and healing.


Grief's Weight

Deidre Scherer's Series  www.dscherer.com/Exhibitions.shtml

Information on
Deidre Scherer's Traveling Exhibitions

You will find more of  Deidre Scherer's work at her website.


In Her Room


Blood, Tears, Pansies

Cathy Weber's Grief Series

Information on
Cathy Weber's
Traveling Exhibition

You will find more of Cathy Weber's work at  www.cathyweber.net

Press Release / Calendar Events

Deidre Scherer will be exhibiting her fabric and thread series, Surrounded by Family and Friends, in Genet Gallery at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.  The exhibition runs from September 19, 2003 through October 10, 2003.  Genet Gallery is located in Slocum Hall and is open Monday Friday 1:00pm to 5:00pm and by appointment.  More information:  315-443-9626.

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